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Purple Petals Studio -

Class Pictures

Painting Birthday Party

Painting Party in Brooklyn, NY 2016
What a wonderful group of girls

Moose Lodge Monday Night Painting Class March 2016
Painted Spring flowers in window box on wooden surface
They all came out so beautiful....

Painting Birthday Party - the girls did such an amazing job

2016 Monday Night Painting Classes at the Moose Lodge

2015 Easter Egg Painting Workshop at the Moose Lodge in Queens,NY

ACMoore Class = Topiaries

Christmas Workshop Luncheon 2014

New ACMoore Wed Night Class

Easter Painting Workshop 2014 - What a great event.....

Girlscouts - Beach Scene
 (Can't believe how talented these girls were - they all did so well)

Girlscout Leaders who made this all happen

The A.C. more girls painting away

Bobby the Bunny Easter Workshop 2013
What a great hopping time we all had.....

Annual Christmas Ball Painting Workshop 2012
(What a wonderful time we all had)

Eva, Lola, Janet, Dori, Toni and Ariana in the back

Wendy the Witch at Maspeth Studio

Finished Witches (they all came out so good)

What a great Workshop we Had painting those Poppies on Windows

Leprechauns on Boards

A basket of Flowers Apron
Left to Right; Toni, Ronnie, Marie, Maryann, Eleanor, Heliana, Sylvia and sitting down is Lola

Luigi Chef Man

Santa Class

What a great Santa Painting Class this was; We used left over Floor Boards. Left to Right top; Toni, Heliana, Maryann, Marie, Ronnie, Janet, MaryGrace, Bottom; Dori, Lola

Window Workshop on Canvas

Left to Right; Maryann, Ronnie, Lee, MaryGrace, Janet, Marie, Debbie, Eleanor & Dori

Another great painting class
Left to right: Lola, Dori, Marie, Dotty, Fran, Janet, Ronnie and Maryann


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