Purple Petals Studio - CLASS PICTURES
Purple Petals Studio -


SSunflower Painting Event at The American Legion

Painting Party in Brooklyn, NY
What a wonderful group of girls

Moose Lodge Monday Night Painting Class
Painted Spring flowers in window box on wooden surface
They all came out so beautiful....

 Easter Egg Painting Workshop at the Moose Lodge in Queens,NY

ACMoore Class = Topiaries

Christmas Workshop Luncheon

Easter Painting Workshop - What a great event.....

Girlscouts - Beach Scene
 (Can't believe how talented these girls were - they all did so well)

Girlscout Leaders who made this all happen

The A.C. more girls painting away

Bobby the Bunny Easter Workshop
What a great hopping time we all had.....

Annual Christmas Ball Painting Workshop
(What a wonderful time we all had)

Eva, Lola, Janet, Dori, Toni and Ariana in the back

Wendy the Witch at Maspeth Studio

Finished Witches (they all came out so good)

What a great Workshop we Had painting those Poppies on Windows

Leprechauns on Boards

A basket of Flowers Apron
Left to Right; Toni, Ronnie, Marie, Maryann, Eleanor, Heliana, Sylvia and sitting down is Lola

Luigi Chef Man

Santa Class

What a great Santa Painting Class this was; We used left over Floor Boards. Left to Right top; Toni, Heliana, Maryann, Marie, Ronnie, Janet, MaryGrace, Bottom; Dori, Lola

Window Workshop on Canvas

Left to Right; Maryann, Ronnie, Lee, MaryGrace, Janet, Marie, Debbie, Eleanor & Dori

Another great painting class
Left to right: Lola, Dori, Marie, Dotty, Fran, Janet, Ronnie and Maryann


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